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Chip Kennaugh

Fine Pruning of Small Trees & Shrubs



I look at the safety of the tree structure. Plants in close proximity to people spaces need hazard reduction. If needed, I remove deadwood, broken branches, and poorly formed tree crotches. I prune for light penetration and air circulation.



When pruning shrubs, I follow the philosophy that the character of the plant is essential. I try to keep the natural form for a shrub and tree intact. I prune to improve flower production, circulation, accommodate window views.

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Seattle Arborist Chip Kennaugh


Seattle is my hometown. The delight of living and being a member of the plant care industry in this area is truly a blessing. Our mild climate has allowed many plants from far off places to be introduced, and gives us a vast palette of plants to work from. Seattle is a great place to experience the outdoors year round. I like to help people create spaces in their garden to find rest and enjoyment. I believe that urban gardens are an essential element for our quality of life.

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I’m thrilled to have Chip Kennaugh back in Seattle. He is one of my all-time favorite arborists. Chip has an engaging personality, great technical skills as a pruner of trees and shrubs and a real artistic sense. He knows what it takes to make an individual plant look its best, and also how to judge and improve the garden as a whole. Best of all, he listens to his customers and explains what he is doing and why.
-Cass Turnbull PlantAmnesty Founder
Thanks for the fantastic job you did on our fruit trees. We've been in the house thirty years and the trees had never been attended. Somehow you opened them up and yet they hardly looked like you touched them. We’re thrilled with the way the trees look, reasonable price and on time service. The whole process was a joy!
-Mike Dunn
Chip was the first certified arborist I ever hired, and it was a stroke of incredible luck. There are many certified arborists out there but one of the things I look for, in addition to proper pruning technique, is a fine sense of aesthetics. Chip combines technique with a superb sense of aesthetics. When he finishes your work, the beauty of the plant will be newly revealed.
-Toni Cross Seasonal Color Pots

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